What Colors Complement Your Skin Tone?

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What Colors Complement Your Skin Tone?

May 14, 2016 ,Comments Off on What Colors Complement Your Skin Tone?

In order to look good and choose the best colors in terms of hair, clothes, accessories or makeup, you have to know your skin tone. The wrong colors can ruin your appearance while the right colors for your skin tone can help you achieve an astonishing look. The first thing you have to do is to determine your skin tone and to properly do that, you have to take a look at your forearm. This is the best way to find out whether your skin is fair/pale, medium/olive or dark. Once you’ve discovered your skin category, you can make a research and learn what colors complement your skin tone.

Fair/pale skin

If you have fair skin then you surely have some freckles and you’re always trying to avoid the summer sun. Therefore, you have to know that the colors that contrast your skin tone will definitely bring some color to your features. Some of the best colors are the darker one, such as gray, brown, green or blue. In addition, you may want to avoid soft shades and bright colors, because they will only wash you out. Complete the outfit with your makeup and use beige tones and a nude lipstick for a daily natural look, or you can go for a dramatic look with a bright red.

Olive/Medium Skin

This skin is not as sensitive as the fair skin and so you have more options in terms of color. Nevertheless, you can improve your look and opt for shades that are either bright or dark, such as pale beige or a bold purple. For a summer look, try to mix neutral colors and choose a lighter color palette. Because you don’t want to blend in the skin with the clothing, then you should probably avoid shades like pale yellow, olive or pistachio. As for the makeup, you can use a wide range of colors, from bright and punchy to pastel.

Darker Skin

With this skin tone, you can match almost any color because it will complement with the vast majority of shades. Nevertheless, you should avoid brown because this color doesn’t contrast with your skin tone. Also, black and navy may not be your best choices. In terms of makeup use rich, metallic hues such as copper and bronze that will surely highlight your natural tone.

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