Trendy 2016 Mens Hairstyles

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Trendy 2016 Mens Hairstyles

July 13, 2016 ,,,Comments Off on Trendy 2016 Mens Hairstyles

You might be tempted to believe that men just go to their barber and ask them to give them a regular haircut when, in fact, men pay attention to the latest hairstyles when they make their choice. Not only that, but men have also grown fond of their beards. They read the latest electric razor reviews, in order to see which shavers are better suited for grooming their particular type of beard. The year 2016 has brought some new hairstyle and beard trends but has also kept some of the old ones and made them more actual. Let’s take a look at some trendy hairstyles that suit the most stylish men on 2016.

The angled fringe

This style best suits men with a round face but it can always be adapted to match many face shapes. The sides of the head are tapered and the top is kept very long and cut at an angle, which gives men the option to style it in many ways. The best part is that it looks good even if you don’t style it, which is great for men who hate spending too much time in front of the mirror.

The high fade pompadour

For men who like to look like taken out of the box, this is the hairstyle to match their tastes. It’s classic yet very modern and very elegant, with a very clean finish. The sides are trimmed very well and the top is kept long and in a sharp angle pointing at the back of the head.

The line side part

Many men have adopted this style this year because it adds a touch of innovation even to the most common hairstyle. It matches styles with short sides and volume at the top because it delimits the two areas in a dramatic way. Barbers use a sharp blade to create a straight part on one side of the head, then they style the hair to the other side by using a blow dryer.

Short back and sides with tip

This hairstyle is similar to the previous, with a short back and sides and longer hair on top of the head. For a touch of uniqueness, men leave the tip a little longer so the hair will smoothly sweep over the head. This style can be matched with a groomed beard that makes the man look more interesting. Beards are very popular at the moment, and since modern men are anything but sloppy, most men choose to take good care of their beards, trimming and styling them in unique ways. A classic disposable shaver will only help you shave your beard, but if you read some electric razor reviews, you will see that modern shavers come with accessories designed specifically for proper beard grooming.

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