Simple Tricks for a Stunning Look Every Day

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Simple Tricks for a Stunning Look Every Day

October 2, 2015 ,,,Comments Off on Simple Tricks for a Stunning Look Every Day

Beauty is sometimes in small habits that guarantee a fresh and flawless look without too much effort. If you prefer natural beauty and want to improve your look, here are some simple beauty tricks that can help you achieve perfection without spending too many hours in front of the mirror.

Remove your makeup

One of the oldest beauty tricks says that you must never go to bed without removing your makeup because this will accelerate the aging process of your skin. Use a cleanser to remove any foundation, eye shadow, and mascara from your face so your skin will breathe and your lashes won;t break during the night. After the cleansing, apply a toner and a deep moisturizer to offer your skin the necessary nutrition.

Apply eyelash growth serum

Long, thick, and curved lashes are a beauty asset that every woman desires because they can be enough to achieve a perfect look. If your natural lashes are not voluptuous, you can use a simple beauty trick that will help them grow so you won’t have to apply eyelash extensions. An eyelash growth serum made of castor oil and almond or olive oil can do wonders for your natural lashes. Apply the serum to your lashes every night and soon you will have strong, bold, and curved eyelashes.

Groom your brows

Frizzy and unpolished brows look very bad and can ruin your entire aspect. This doesn’t mean that you have to tweeze them to the extreme but that you must make sure grown hairs are removed and the ends are trimmed. If you are not good with the tweezers, resort to the help of a cosmetician that will discover the best brow shape for your face and will always keep them neat.

Hydrate from the inside

Besides the moisturizing cream you apply to your skin regularly to add it shine and elasticity, it’s important to hydrate your body so your tissues will enjoy a deep hydration. Drink plenty of water both during the summer and winter so you will help your skin stay smooth and fight wrinkles caused by dry skin. A hydrated skin will shine and will be more elastic, which means you will need less makeup every day.

Style your hair with a flat iron

Whether you want to tame curly hair or add shape to your straight hair, the flat iron can become your best friend for everyday great looks. Use a good flat iron with quality plates that protect your hair from heat damage so you won’t destroy your hair’s natural moisture. Apply a care serum that will protect the hair from heat and use a flat iron with adjustable temperature so you can choose the proper heat for your hair.

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