How to Match Jewelry to Your Outfit

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How to Match Jewelry to Your Outfit

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The jewelry that you wear can upgrade your look, or it can downright destroy it if you don’t make the right choices. If you want to have a spectacular look every time you get out of the house, continue to read our article to learn how to match jewelry to your outfit.


When it comes to color, if you’re wearing a black, white, or neutral outfit, you can go with accessories in any color. No matter the choice that you go with, you will look stylish and coordinated.

Wearing a colorful outfit means that you must make certain choices when it comes to the jewelry that you wear. To match perfectly, keep in mind the color wheel where you have all the primary and secondary colors. The primary and secondary colors that are side by side on the wheel work very well together when they’re matched on the same level of darkness or lightness. In case you want to make a fashion statement, go with primary and secondary colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. This is a bold and adventurous choice that surely won’t go unnoticed.


The jewelry that you wear can define your style. A simple black dress or a white shirt and jeans can look completely different depending on the jewelry that you choose to wear. If you are going with a classy attire, wear pearl or diamond stud earrings. If you’re going to dress glamorous, choose chandelier earrings, a large cocktail ring, and a bib necklace. For an office outfit, wear a delicate necklace and a classic watch. When putting together an edgy outfit, make sure that you wear thick cuff bracelets and colorful earrings. Last but not least, if you put together a casual outfit, go with a candy-colored bracelet or a watch.


The scale of the jewelry that you are wearing is important as well. If you’re wearing patterns, go with simple jewelry. In case you’re wearing prints, don’t over-accessorize. Otherwise, your attire will look tacky. The same goes for embroidered, ruffled, sequined, and embellished garments. You should wear understated jewelry when wearing these types of outfits to keep the emphasis on them.

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