How to Have Gorgeous Lashes without Mascara

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How to Have Gorgeous Lashes without Mascara

May 24, 2015 ,,Comments Off on How to Have Gorgeous Lashes without Mascara

Every woman you ask will tell you that a pair of long, voluptuous and curved lashes is all she needs to feel confident and beautiful. Having long and thick lashes can eliminate the need for makeup and can offer women a natural beauty, which is why most of them resort to mascara. However, the excessive use of mascara can damage the natural lashes so it’s best to obtain gorgeous lashes without mascara. If you don’t know how to do that, you are about to find out.

Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes

This tip will show excellent results if you perform it every night before going to bed as Vaseline is known for its hair growing properties. Using your finger or a q tip, apply a thin line of Vaseline along the line of your lashes and go to bed so the petroleum jelly can have time to act. You can also use a clean mascara brush and dip it in Vaseline to get it closer to every lash. A petroleum-based lip balm can have the same result, in case you don’t have where to buy Vaseline from.

Adjust your diet

The foods you eat can influence hair growth through the vitamins they contain that can promote a better growth of your eyelashes. You should add to your diet more foods that contain vitamin H that strengthens your hair, prevents it from falling, and promotes the growth and new and stronger lashes. Almonds, bananas, and whole grain are some of the most common foods that contain vitamin H. Vitamins E and D are also beneficial to your hair growth because they repair damaged hair and help it grow back.

Use a lash growth serum

A lash growth serum such as Latisse can help you grow new lashes so you will never need to use mascara again. This highly-efficient lash enhancer contains only natural ingredients that repair your damaged lashes and make new ones grow so you will enjoy long, this, and curved eyelashes. For more information on the properties of different serums, we advise you to do some research on That website has a lot of useful information on various lash growth serums.

Make your own lash growth serum

If you are not OK with cosmetic lash enhancing serums, you can always make your lash growth serum at home. Choose natural ingredients known to protect hair and encourage its growth, such as castor oil that is the most powerful hair-growing ingredient. This oil is widely used in hair growth products due to its ability to grow new hair and strengthen the one you have. Mix this oil with other natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil and add a dash of vitamin E to increase the efficiency of your homemade lash growth serum.

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