Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

July 22, 2016 ,,Comments Off on Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Fashion is a major interest matter for women who are interested in looking good and staying in style all the time. While fashion trends change from one season to another, there are some basic fashion rules that stay timeless and can be adapted to every season. Women with an increased fashion sense will love to discover some fashion tips that will help them create the best looks.

Black makes you thinner

Choosing the right color of the clothes is as important as choosing their style because the wrong color can ruin an outfit while the right color can make it even better. For women with a few extra pounds or a few inches around their waist, black is the savior color that can make them look thinner. Black has this interesting ability to thin figures so it can help women who want to hide a few pounds.

Stripes also create visual effects

You can also make your figure look thinner or longer by using clothes with stripes, preferably vertical because these give the impression that you are taller and slimmer. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, can help woman boast a fuller figure or create the illusion of a larger body area that they want to highlight.

Accessories are essential

Even the plainest outfit can be improved with the help of the right accessories and the best part is that you can play with them and create interesting combinations. A bow tie around your waist, a pair of earrings attached to your flats, a delicate scarf to keep your hair in place, and you have created an innovative outfit that will help you stand out. Choose bold colors for a simple outfit and it will look completely different.

Always arrange your hair

Your outfit is never complete if you don’t style your hair. It’s a saying that goes”If your hair looks nice and you are wearing the right shoes, you can get away with anything” so keep this in mind next time you go out. Styling your hair shouldn’t be a burden and the flat iron can be your best help. If you don’t have one at home, analyze some flat iron reviews before buying one to see which model is appropriate for your hair type, which one heats up faster, and which is the easiest to use.

Hide the straps

It’s never nice to see bra straps on your shoulders, or even worse, on your back, so you have to pay attention to this detail if you want to keep a tidy aspect. Using a paper clip, you can keep the straps close to each other on your back so you will be able to wear a t-shirt with a narrow back. For shirts with loose sleeves that fall off your shoulders, you can attach a little fabric strap with sew-on press studs that will make sure the bra strap and the t-shirt will stay together.

Buy the right coat size

Sometimes, yo shop for clothes and you happen to find a larger size and you still buy it because a good tailor can make it fit you but this is not the thing with coats and jackets if they don’t fit your shoulders. When you buy a coat, make sure it falls perfectly on your shoulders because it will be impossible for you to adjust it.

Show the right amount of skin

This is one fashion rule that every woman should follow because it says a lot about elegance and style. Therefore, if you are wearing a deep cleavage, avoid exposing your legs as well and opt for a longer skirt. Don’t be too naked if you want to look elegant and mysterious.

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