Build Self Confidence by Improving Your Posture

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Build Self Confidence by Improving Your Posture

April 13, 2016 ,,,Comments Off on Build Self Confidence by Improving Your Posture

Standing up straight and walking proudly can make you feel more beautiful and confident and can enhance any outfit you might be wearing. Body posture is important in creating one’s image because it says much about their attitude and the credit they give themselves. If you are aware of the problems you have in keeping a straight body posture, the following tips will help you improve not only your look but also your self-confidence.
The right body posture implies keeping a straight back, the shoulders pulled back, the head straight and the eyes looking to the front. Keep this position with every step you take and avoid bending your back or bringing the shoulders to the front. Walking this way will make you feel more determined, more confident, and will help you make a better impression on the people you interact with. You would be amazed to discover how important your body posture is in the eyes of others.

Replace your old mattress

A bad sleeping position can also ruin your posture because your body can feel all the pressure during the night and can develop a hunch that is very unpleasant. Your mattress has an essential part in maintaining a correct body position while you sleep. If the mattress you sleep on is causing you back pain and makes you feel tired in the morning, chances are it’s not keeping your back in the right posture. This means you must replace it with a more comfortable one.

Soothe back pain with a massage

Back pain can often make you bend while walking because certain nerves in your spine are responsible for the walking posture. Even the slightest back pain or discomfort can cause you to walk hunched so alleviating the pain could be the best solution for improving your posture. Resort to a soothing massage in a massage chair that can handle you entire back area and can get rid of back pain.

Improve your posture

Although its seems like a trick from a movie, the book idea could actually help you improve your posture and build self-confidence every time you go out. Practice at home by placing a book over your head and walk like this without dropping the book. Also, every time you stand, keep your back straight and your shoulders pulled to the back so it will become a reflex.

Perform stretching exercises

Fitness can help you relax your body and improve your posture by allowing you to accustom your body to a straight position. Lay on the ground on your belly and slightly pull your head to the back while lifting your legs so eventually, your legs will touch your head. Also, stretch your arms by raising your hands, bending them, taking them to the back of your head and pulling your elbow to the interior using the other hand. This loosens the shoulder’s muscles and helps you stand up straight.

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