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Best Street Style Trends

May 21, 2016 ,,Comments Off on Best Street Style Trends

The street style is one of the most accessible styles and it involves multi-cultural expressions and identities that combine trends from various parts of the world. The fact that people reinvented and recreated the entire fashion with all kinds of affordable pieces and vintage items made this style become the latest fashion. The street style seems to be everywhere, from fashion weeks to fashion blogs or online fashion magazines. To find out which are the best street style trends, take a look at this article and learn new things about the ultimate trends.

Leather jacket

Lately, one of the coolest pieces of clothing has been the leather jacket. It’s very practical and at the same time versatile, and it will definitely create a chic street style. The best thing about wearing this jacket is that you can create some awesome combinations, from dresses and skirts to jeans and shirts. Also, you don’t have to worry if it’s brightly colored, oversize or vintage. It will work perfectly.

Off-the-shoulder tops

This trend continues this year and many women consider the off-the-shoulder tops to be sexy and flirty. They are the perfect way to reveal a little skin and let the imagination do the rest. Although the top may not be suitable for work, it will surely be the best look for the weekend. You can wear it with denim or a pair of trousers.

High-rise, vintage-cut jeans

The vintage jeans are seen everywhere on the street style scene and they are even found in the top designers’ collections. The secret in making them more stylish is to find the perfect combinations. The trends go for a cashmere sweater that can be tucked into a pair of high-rise jeans or just a sexy bustier. Also, you may choose a buttoned-up men’ shirt or a funky trench coat. They all work great together and they’ll help you be in trend.

Neckerchiefs and scarves

They are the perfect accessories and they can be worn with almost every piece of cloth. You may knot a neckerchief or a scarf in the front with the ends hanging down or you may wrap it twice around the neck. Wear them and you will instantly look more fashionable.

Cross body bags

The cross body bag is very accessible and comfortable. All you have to do is choose a purse with a long chain strap and wear it to accessorize your street style. Be sure that it provides enough room for all your things and you will see that soon enough it will become the perfect everyday bag.


Sneakers are one of the biggest street style trends at the moment, so this year, all fashion brands introduced sneakers in their collections. And why shouldn’t they? Not only that they are comfortable and easy to wear, but they also create a unique look that will match any outfit.

Floral, stripes and geometric prints

The floral, stripes and geometric prints are very popular, and they can be easily found in stores. The combination of stripes and floral prints is very interesting and the key is to choose the same color or to stick to a complementary color palette. Also, polka dots go very well with geometric shapes, so there is another bold outfit to wear in the streets. Don’t exaggerate with the accessories and keep the outfit clean and simple.

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