2016 Womens Hair Color Ideas

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2016 Womens Hair Color Ideas

January 14, 2016 ,,Comments Off on 2016 Womens Hair Color Ideas

It’s known that women love look changes and the most frequent is the change they make to their hair. While few of them dare to drastically cut their hair or adopt a new hair style, most women prefer to opt for a new hair color when they want to create a different look. And since the changes of hair color can’t be random, women need to follow a trend set by hairstylists. If you are in need of a look change, get your inspiration from the 2016 women’s hair color ideas we give you below.

Warm blondes

If the previous year was ruled by cold shades of blonde, this year is filled with warm blondes that add softness and smoothness to the hair. Instead of the cold icy and gray blondes, you should opt for a buttery or a sand blonde that will add softness to your hair.

Melting chocolate

Also similar to a trend that was widely popular the past year, melting browns is a type of ombre but with two dark shade instead of a dark and a blonde. This color idea is suitable for dark-haired women who are willing to add a touch of light to their hair by opting for a chocolaty shade that seems to melt down their hair.

Rainbow hair

This year, rainbow hair is still trendy with the only difference that is now present in one area of the hair, usually the bangs. Many stars have displayed a bold look with rainbow bangs in tones of blues or reds that contrast perfectly with dark hair.


This color is a combination of copper red and bronze brown that looks stunning on women with red hair. Julianne Moore is rocking this style and it looks absolutely stunning on her pale skin tone. If your hair is not that pale, you can opt for different approaches of this hair color idea and the result will be as spectacular.

Touches of neon

If neon hair wasn’t your thing in 2015, 2016 offers a new type of hair color based on neon pain but in a more relaxed option. Instead of going crazy-neon, opt for discreet accents hidden among your hair. Create combinations of black and blue, blonde and purple or brown and red so you will make this hair color look good on you.

Glamorous pastels

Pastels are the colors of the year, namely blue and pink pastels, so they couldn’t miss from the latest hair color trends of 2016. These soft and delicate shades have come to replace the neon hair colors of 2015 and although they are suggested as all hair paint, the result is pleasant and somehow neat.

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